This page lists some of the main projects I have been working on. For some projects, more information can be found in the README of the GitHub repository. A more complete list, including many unfinished projects, can be found on GitHub.

Desktop Apps

Automaton Tool

Educational tool for finite automata (FAs), developed for my third year project at university. Features include: running an FA, determinising an FA, minimising a DFA using Hopcroft's algorithm and drawing the state-transition diagram.

Java, JavaFX

RPN Calculator

Simple RPN calculator that evaluates a given postfix (RPN) expression and converts it to infix and prefix (PN) notation.

Java, JavaFX

Snake Command-Line Game

Command-line version of the classic Snake game.

Web Apps
Store Apps

Bill Splitter

Bill splitting application, built as part of a web development module in my first year at university.


Quadratic Equation Solver

Find the solution of quadratic equations. I'll make a modern version of this at some point.