I'm a Computer Science graduate and work as a Software Engineer.


Graduated from the University of Warwick in MEng Computer Science.

Third-year project: Educational Tool for Automata and Formal Languages. Fourth-year project: Analysis and Implementation of Smart Contracts Using Blockchain Technology.

I worked as a tutor in lab sessions for Java and Haskell programming modules, assisting first-year students and answering their questions regarding exercises and coursework, as well as Java, Haskell, Git and Linux in general. I was also a Computer Science "Cousin", giving advice to first-year students and answering their questions about the department and university life in general.

I participated in the J.P. Morgan Code for Good 2017 and UKIEPC 2016 & 2017 programming contests.


I enjoy programming and work on numerous software projects in my spare time. My main languages are TypeScript/JavaScript (ES6, React), Python, C# and Java, but I am also experienced in C/C++, PHP, MATLAB, SQL and others. Much of my programming knowledge is self-taught.

I have always been a power user of computers. As a daily Linux user, I have made use of various command-line tools to configure a system and perform specific tasks. I enjoy completing various computing projects to improve my daily computing life—for example, setting up my own Ubuntu cloud storage server using a low-budget PC.

Check out my projects on the projects page!


Outside of computing, I love house music, though recently I've been listening to a wide range of genres. I produce music recreationally and have taught myself how to DJ.