I'm a Computer Science graduate from the University of Warwick and .NET Developer at a local automotive consulting company.


Graduated from University of Warwick in MEng Computer Science.

I worked as a tutor in lab sessions for the Programming for Computer Scientists and Functional Programming modules, assisting first-year students and answering their questions regarding exercises and coursework as well as Java, Haskell, Git and Linux in general.

I participated in the J.P. Morgan Code for Good 2017 and UKIEPC 2016 & 2017 programming contests.

During my time here, I have gained a detailed understanding of various areas of computer science, covering both theoretical and practical aspects.

My course involved completing numerous pieces of coursework. Some allowed me to put into practice the theory learnt during lectures; others involved researching further into the topic and forming my own ideas. They often involved writing a technical report which enabled me to perfect expressing complex processes in a clear, succinct way. Significant pieces of coursework included:

  • Implementing data mining techniques, e.g., classification, dimensionality reduction, neural networks and parameter tuning (grid search), using NumPy, Scikit-Learn, Matplotlib and Keras in Python;
  • Specifying and implementing abstract machines using Atelier B;
  • Parallelising C++ programs using OpenMP and MPI;
  • Preprocessing a resting-state fMRI data set using DPABI;
  • Analysing fMRI data of different brain regions by computing the Granger causality in MATLAB;
  • Implementing sequence analysis algorithms, e.g., Needleman-Wunsch, neighbour joining, suffix tree generation, CLUSTALW and t-SNE;
  • Using MATLAB to implement digital forensics techniques, e.g., watermarking, compression-based forensics, copy-move forgery detection and source identification.


I enjoy programming and work on numerous software projects in my spare time. I have strong software development skills and experience with a number of languages, frameworks and tools. My main languages are C#, Java, Python and JavaScript, but I'm also highly proficient with many others such as C/C++ and MATLAB. I'm also a daily Linux user, so I'm experienced with command-line tools, package managers and Bash scripting.

I'm interested in pretty much all kinds of software, including command-line, GUI, web and 3D graphics applications. You may wish to visit the Projects page. I'm also interested in learning more about machine learning in Python and full-stack web applications in Django, having used these in my last year at university.


Outside of computing, I love house music, especially house, tech house and deep house, but like other genres too. I produce music recreationally and have taught myself how to DJ.